Dear parents!


We are happy to announce that kindergarten Maleni taleni (Little talents)  in September 2016 is opening a new location in Tuškanac!
The new nursery will be set in a house of approximately 450m2 with a beautiful green area approx. 1400m2! The closeness to our existing kindergarten in Kaptol Center will allow us easy transportation of children to swimming 2 times a week, while the 3 times a week our young athletes will enjoy many sports activities in the open air whenever the weather allowes it, and in the winter months the sports will be held in the gym and multifunctional kindergarten hall.
The new nursery will be fully organized in accordance to the high quality standards of the current kindergarten program with a small difference in the organization of sports programs (see the sports program). A special attention is given to equipment of kindergarten area, particularly  exploration centers and library in which will be implemented early reading and writing programs which we are planning to enrich with multimedia aids.

A beautiful green area offers plenty opportunities for nature exploration as well as for making our own vegetable garden. The children from our kindergarten in Center Kaptol will also have opportunity to enjoy the benefits of this beautiful green area.

Both premises will be joined with the same kindergarten curriculum and professional personnel    under the kindergarten Maleni talenti.

The new nursery will be under reconstruction until September 2016, when we are planning the opening. In the meantime, you are welcome to visit the site and have a look around the outside area. For all the other information please contact us in our kindergarten at the Center Kaptol.

Best regards!
Tamara Skala, founder of the kindergarten Maleni talenti


  • Kindergarten in Slavujevac 18 will start with programs in September 2016.

  • At present, works are in progress on spatial planning and procurement of new equipment.


  • Reservations for enrollment in the kindergarten are in progress

  • The child can be signed up by phone 01 466 9999 and 098 823 988, via e-mail:, or through the application form above.

Please fill in pre-enrollment form for location Maleni talenti, Slavujevac 18, and we will contact you back for further information

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Maleni talenti opened one more location: Tuškanac, Slavujevac 18

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